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Excess OTR tire inventory limits cash flows, creates an inefficient supply chain, and ultimately reduces profits. offers a complete suite of OTR tire inventory management services. Take advantage of our resources and global network to assist you with managing your excess OTR tire inventory. Our team helps you evaluate and liquidate your OTR tire inventory. can also assist your company with forecasting utilizing our software. The software tracks seasonal buying trends and manages inventory levels.

Evaluate Your OTR Tire Inventory

The first step in OTR tire inventory management is to evaluate your stock. Which OTR tires are not in use? Will you need them any time soon? What kind of condition are they in? Have the tires been maintained properly? Our experienced staff will provide you with a market analysis of your inventory so that you may generate the greatest amount of revenue.

Sell Your Excess OTR Tire Inventory

After evaluating your stock, the team at may want to take some of the inventory off your hands. We will make a fair market offer based on current consumer demands and the condition of the tires. For the tires we don’t purchase, we offer two options for selling OTR Tires on our website:

  • OTR Tire Auctions – Why let perfectly usable OTR tires sit around in your warehouse, taking up valuable space? With our auction service, you can put your excess inventory online and sell directly to our global network. If you have an in-demand tire, we recommend using the auction service. You may end up making more money than you thought!
  • OTR Tire Consignment – If you just want to make a direct sale without using the auction function, you can also sell your excess OTR tires on consignment. You set the price, and we broker the sale! It’s really that simple.

All sellers on must create an account, and be approved by our team. This ensures that only trusted companies and individuals are selling OTR tires on your website. Trust and safety are two of our top priorities when it comes to OTR tire inventory management.

Partner With Us for OTR Tire Inventory Management

OTR tires require a climate-controlled environment and can take up a lot of space when they aren’t in use. The experts at understand that this can be a challenge for construction businesses and truck rental companies. Contact us today by calling 1-888-208-TIRE(8473) to get your free market analysis. We hope you choose us for all your OTR tire inventory management needs!

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