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What Do the Numbers on the Tire Mean?

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Just like the tires on your personal vehicle, construction and off-road equipment have numbers on the side of the tires that relate information about the tire. When replacing any tires, paying attention to these numbers is essential to purchasing tires that will be safe to use with the equipment. This article will explain the numbers found on industrial tires.

Industrial Tires for Sale: Tire Markings Explained

Since construction and industrial vehicles aren’t driven on roads, the information related to the tires is different. So let’s take a look at those numbers and their meaning.

Let’s use an example for this explanation: Bridgestone 14.00R24 G2

The first thing noticed on most industrial tires is the manufacturer’s name in our example, that would be Bridgestone.

Tire Section Width

The section width of a tire is the measurement from the inner sidewall to the outer sidewall in inches. This measurement is taken when the tire is mounted correctly, inflated and without a vehicle load. In our example, 14.00 inches is the section width of the tire.

Tire Construction

As with car tires, the letter “R” means radial construction. Radial tires work well for equipment used on smoother terrains. An “A’ in this spot means bias or solid construction. Bias ply tires are better for off-road equipment, hauling, and supporting heavy loads.

Rim Size

The following number in our example is 24. This number is the rim diameter in inches. To mount the tire properly, the correct rim diameter must be selected.

TRA Code

The letter and number, in our example, “G2,” are the TRA (Tyre and Rim Association) Code. This code indicates the type of equipment and the style and depth of tread.

The equipment codes are:

  • E – Earthmover
  • C – Compactor
  • G – Grader
  • L – Loader & Dozer

The tread codes are:

  • 1 – Ribbed (normal depth)
  • 2 – Traction (normal depth)
  • 3 – Normal
  • 4 – Deep (deep depth)
  • 5 – Very Deep (very deep depth)
  • 7 – Flotation (normal depth)

So, in our example, “G2” means the tire is for a Grader with traction tread and normal depth.

The numbers on the sidewall of industrial tires are significant. Always consult these numbers when purchasing new tires. Never buy tires with different numbers without consulting a tire specialist. Operating equipment using the wrong tires can be unsafe.

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