Michelin OTR Tires

We are proud to sell Michelin OTR Tires because OTRTires.com only procures the most trusted OTR tire brands for your industrial and construction vehicles.

Why Choose Michelin Off-the-Road (OTR) Tires?

Michelin OTR earthmover tires are built rugged, yet flexible enough for construction, surface mining, and industrial handling. Your construction or mining team will feel safe and confident that the tires on their vehicles are up to the job at hand!

Michelin OTR Tires for Quarries and Construction Equipment

Michelin quarries and construction tire range is designed to function in all types of sites. Recognized as one of the best collections of OTR Earthmoving tires on the market, Michelin offers 29 treads and 94 sizes, and decrease fuel consumption by up to 10%. 

  • Graders, highway maintenance
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Crane

Michelin OTR Tires for Mining

Michelin offers a selection of OTR tires for both surface and underground mining. Michelin innovated the largest tire in the world, “the 63 inch tire,” ideal for dump trucks. Utilizing MEMS technology, Michelin boasts electronic tire pressure and temperature monitoring, allowing you to track your tires productivity.

  • Rigid Dumpers
  • Large Loaders
  • Deep Mining

Michelin OTR Tires for all Your OTR Needs

If you want the highest quality for safety and productivity for your deep mining and construction company, Michelin OTR Earthmover tires are exactly what you need. The professionals at OTRTires.com are here to help you procure the best OTR tires for the job. If you need more information or can’t find the tire you are looking for call our tire experts at 1-888-208-TIRE(8473) or complete our online form today. Let us find the high-performance OTR tire you need to get the job done right.