OTRTires.com was built on values and ethics. We provide our customers with service that stands above the competition by combining our vast experience, persistence and values. This, along with our resources, has allowed us to build a foundation with sustainable growth into the future.


OTRTires.com has close to 50 years of experience. Each member of our team individually holds a very unique set of skills. Those skills combined create successful transactions with each of our customers. Also, our past experiences through volatile industries and markets have allowed us to shape our company for greater success.


Our integrity is one of the strongest qualities we hold. Ethics, honesty and having strong moral principles is the backbone of our culture. The integrity of our company is what drives us to choose between what’s convenient and what’s right every day.


Our privately owned company has the flexibility to mold our services to our customers’ needs. This flexibility allows for OTRTires.com to perform more efficiently and deliver faster. This has proven to be a key in our customers success.