If you work in construction, mining, industrial production, or any other field that large vehicles with tough tires, it’s important to know what the TRA codes mean. Manufacturers must refer to the TRA standards when producing tires. There are over 15 different TRA code. TRA codes are major criteria for most of our customers who want to ensure they find the right OTR tires. We can procure virtually any OTR tire with the right TRA code for our customers’ unique needs, thanks to the extensive network of shops, manufacturers, and distributors OTRtires.com has built over the last 50 years,

TRA Code Selections

Some of the bestselling TRA codes include E3, E4, L3, L4, L5, and G2. These TRA codes refer to the tire’s classification and tread depth. For example, a TRA of E3 means the tire is an Earthmover classified tire with a level 3 normal tread depth. The tread depth of the tire increases as the TRA code level increases, so it’s crucial to understand your tires’ TRA code to ensure proper performance.

Tire Classifications

  • C: Compactor
  • G: Grader
  • E: Earthmover
  • L: Loader and Dozer

Tread Depth Levels

  • 1: Ribbed (normal tread depth)
  • 2: Traction (normal tread depth)
  • 3: Normal (normal tread depth)
  • 4: Deep (deep tread)
  • 5: Very deep (very deep tread)
  • 7: Flotation (normal tread)