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Titan OTR Tires

We are proud to sell Titan OTR Tires because only procures the toughest, high-performance OTR tires for your agricultural and construction vehicles.

Why Choose Titan Off-the-Road (OTR) Tires?

The Titan brand has been making quality tires for agricultural, construction, forestry, mining, and ATV-UTV vehicles for decades. Titan’s legacy dates back 120 years, when Titan was known as the Electric Wheel Company, which made wagon wheels for America’s first farming families. All Titan OTR tires are equipped with Low Sidewall Technology, which means they have smaller sidewall and larger rim diameter than a conventional OTR tires but keeps the same outside diameter. This provides greater stability and maximizes productivity.

Titan OTR Tires for Agricultural Equipment

Titan has a long history of manufacturing tires for agricultural vehicles. Farmers and agricultural professionals depend on backhoes, skid steers, and other vehicles to do tough work in harsh weather conditions, so high-quality, durable tires are a must. Whether you need tires for your tractor, sprayer, or other agricultural vehicle, you will find it at

Titan OTR Tires for Construction Equipment

There’s no time for down time when it comes to construction projects. You can rely on titan OTR tires for all types of heavy duty trucks, including dump trucks and earthmovers. Titan offers full lines of both bias and radial tires, so construction professionals have many options. Bias tires provide for better vehicle stability and are suited for short distances, whereas radial tires have increased treading, and are more suited to longer distances.

Titan OTR Tires for Mining

Titan OTR tires for mining are designed to keep moving. Mining projects are demanding and therefore the tires must be up to the challenge. At, you can find deep traction tires for your mining projects.

Titan OTR Tires for all Your OTR Needs

If you’re looking for tough, durable OTR tires that can handle all your agricultural and construction needs, Titan is your top choice. We can also get you tires for other industry vehicles, such as logging or mining vehicles. If you need more information or can’t find the tire you are looking for call our tire experts at 1-888-208-TIRE(8473) or complete our online form today. Let us find the high-performance OTR tire you need to get the job done right.
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