10.00/--15SL Goodyear Farm Utility I-1

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The Goodyear Farm Utility I-1 is an implement tire specially designed for drivers who want high flotation and high load capacity. It features a wide design which provides high flotation and stability. This is especially important when you drive on loose soil where side slippage is very common. Even as you carry heavy loads, the Goodyear Farm Utility I-1 has you covered as it is designed to provide minimal soil compaction. For easy steering are the Goodyear Farm Utility I-1™s heavy grooved ribs which takes you to the direction that you need to. The cut-resistant sidewall minimizes downtime while the shock-fortified nylon-cord body increases the tire™s resistance against impacts. The Goodyear Farm Utility I-1 has a speed rating of B which means you can drive thirty-one miles per hour. So not only do you get to perform a wide range of tasks, you also get to do them efficiently.

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