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OTR Tire Logistics is more than just tire sales. We are your total OTR tire solution. Our team provides OTR tire logistics services such as transportation, storage, container packing, and disposing of the tires. OTR tires are large and require special handling while being transported and stored. Once the tire is no longer usable, disposing of them can be a huge challenge. Let our OTR tire logistics team help!

Transporting OTR Tires

You finally found the exact tire you need on Now, you just need to get to your site. For larger tires, this can be a challenge. Often, special transportation is required to ensure everything is transported safely, and without damage. We have formed partnerships with trusted transportation services to ensure that your tires arrive on time, and in impeccable condition.

Storing OTR Tires

Storing unused OTR tires can be a challenge. They cannot be stacked and require a temperature-controlled facility to prevent damage. Increase the life of your OTR tire by storing with at an facility. We keep our warehouses cool and dry, which is optimal for OTR tires. Our experts know how to properly maintain tires that aren’t in use. We keep a detailed list of your inventory, so we can quickly inspect and ship your OTR tire to you when you need it. Leave all of your OTR tire logistics to us, so you can concentrate on your next big construction project!

Downsizing and Disposing OTR Tires

Our OTR tires are of the highest quality, and you can expect them to last a long time. However, the time will someday come when an OTR tire can no longer be safely used. In order to dispose of a large OTR tire, it needs to be downsized. This process includes several steps:


      1. Inspect the tire and determine of any parts can still be used, such as the valve. Remove them.
      2. Remove the steel and the beads.
      3. Cut the tire into small pieces. Depending on the size, this may require a special machine called a Punch Cutter.
      4. Recycle the steel and the beads.
      5. Dispose the rest of the tire safely. Depending on where you are, you may need to transport the tire pieces to a special facility. can provide you with all of the services you need for disposing a tire. We arrange the use of a Punch Cutter and can handle the transportation logistics for disposal if needed. Let Us Handle Your OTR Tire Logistics The team at is committed to providing the very best in OTR tires logistics. These large, specialty tires require a lot of care and maintenance. We are here to help! For more information, call our tire experts at 1-888-208-TIRE(8473) or complete our online form today.

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