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OTR Tire Inspections

AT, safety is our top priority. Blowouts or ill-functioning tires can result in accidents, injuries, and project delays. The OTR tires we carry are all professionally inspected, high-quality, and designed to withstand extreme terrain and temperatures, but it is always best to put safety first and perform daily OTR tire inspections. Performing frequent OTR tire inspections is the most effective method when it comes to preventing blowouts and other OTR tire mishaps.

OTR Tire Inspection Checklist

We inspect every OTR tire before it is sold and provide professional tire inspection services. Continuous inspections promote safety and extend the life of your OTR tire by helping you identify issues early. Checking OTR tires daily should be a part of everyday safety on job sites. If you’ve been tasked with safety inspections, our experts put together this handy checklist to ensure a thorough OTR tire inspection:

  • Even if the tire has automatic monitoring, such as Bridgestone’s B_TAG system, manually check the tire pressure to ensure it is in line with the site and manufacturers recommendations. This also insures that the monitoring system is working properly.
  • Check the valve caps. If it’s missing or damaged, a slow leak can occur. Tighten them, if necessary.
  • Check for bulges.
  • Check for irregular or uneven wear.
  • Check and remove objects embedded in the tread, such as rocks or sand.
  • Be sure there is no visible steel or cord.
  • Check for separation from the belt.
  • Check for oil leaks.
  • Check for cracks and splits.
  • Check the rock ejector to ensure it is not damaged or missing.
  • Check for objects between the duals.
Wheels & Rims
  • Wash of any fuel, oil, or chemicals that may have splashed onto the wheel. If this happens consistently, fix the leak as soon as possible. Over time, oil and other chemicals can soften tires.
  • Look for missing or damaged hardware, such as lug nuts and studs.
  • Check for stress cracks.
  • Check for damage to the flange.

Professional OTR Inspections

With regular inspections and proper maintenance, our OTR tires can be depended upon to perform through multiple projects in tough environments. That’s what they were built for! At, we guarantee the quality and performance of every tire we sell. We inspect them before the sale and provide professional tire inspection services. For more information, call our tire experts at 1-888-208-TIRE(8473) or complete our online form today.

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