Top OTR Recommendations for maximum tire efficiency

Your OTR tire is the only point of contact between the ground and your machine.  It’s imperative that you take the necessary steps in order to choose the correct tire for your job.  The following steps will ensure top performance, tire life preservation, and most importantly, safety.

Use of tires:

  • Never try to use your OTR tire beyond the limits of technical specifications – poor use or incorrect tire choice can and will contribute to premature wearing of both certain mechanical parts and the tire.


  • Correct fitting provides safety protection for employees and the material.  It is essential that all fittings are carried out by trained OTR professionals who have a previous understanding of the procedure.

Storage and Maintenance:

  • Tires are made of rubber, and they are subject to natural aging.  Poor handling can lead to irreparable damage.  Always make sure you your OTR tires are stored in a location away from any source of heat or any other material that cause sparks or electrical discharges.  Keep the location well-ventilated, dry, and protected from direct sunlight.

Machine maintenance:

  • Be sure to regularly check all OTR tires for any unusual wear and/or potential damage.  Given that tires naturally lose pressure, make it a priority to adjust it periodically.  There will always be some damage that just can’t be repaired.  These tasks must be carried out by a trained professional.

Please find below the top manufacturer’s OTR Tire Manuals.



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