The 45/65R39 Bridgestone VSDL (V-Steel D-Lug) radial tire offers numerous features that make ideal for severe of rocky conditions.

These heavy duty tires have an extra deep tread pattern, allowing them to dominate versatile surfaces.  The 45/65R39 Bridgestone VSDL have proven performance in locations such as open pits, quarries, and underground mines.  These earthmoving off-the-road tires were built especially for loader and dozer applications, such as the Cat 990 and can move 16.5 tons.  Contact OTR Tires to hear more about our daily special and how the 45/65R39 Bridgestone VSDL will be an asset to you!!

Bridgestone VSDL features:

  • Extra deep tread and shoulder protection
  • Outstanding traction
  • Superb stability
  • Premium cut resistance
  • Extended tread life
  • Noteworthy casing durability
  • Enhanced riding comfort

The 45/65R39 Bridgestone VSDL presents an 80% increase in strength when compared to a bias tire. The unique shape and multi-ply steel belts contribute to that strength, preventing the tread and sidewalls from cutting and/or puncturing.

Bridgestone VSDL available sizes:

SizePly/Star RatingCompound
17.5R251* 2*D2A
20.5R251* 2*D2A
23.5R251* 2*D2A
26.5R252* 2*D2A
29.5R251* 2*D2A
29.5R291* 2*D2A
35/65R331* 2*D2A
45/65R391*D2A LS
45/65R451* 2*D2A DAL
55.5/80R57 D2A

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