The 59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 presents many benefits, making it the reference for rigid dump trucks.

This radial off-the-road tire offers superior resistance to cuts and aggressions, longer tire life, and environmental sustainability.  Contact OTR Tires for your quote today!  We have (6) 59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 for $69,000 each.

The 59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 are ideal for dump trucks using them continuously, such as the Cat 797.  The Cat 797 is the world’s largest dump truck, making the 59/80R63 the world’s largest OTR tire.

59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 Fun Facts:

  • The 59/80R63 are 13 feet tall
  • Each tire weighs in at 11,860 pounds
  • Capable of withstanding a weight of 100 tons per tire
  • Contains almost 2,000 pounds of steel, which is enough to build 2 small cars and enough rubber to make 600 tires to put on them

The 59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 is a longer lasting tire due to the tread volume being increased from 4% (XDR) to 20% (XDR2).  The innovative cooling system also contributes with a 10% increase in ventilation during the first 50% of tread life.  The casing and bead are subject to a prolonged life as well.  The C2 Technology reduces the heat buildup while in action.  The 59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 also features an improved lower sidewall, revised sidewall design, and a stronger bead.  This radial off-the-road tire is extremely resistance to cuts and aggressions, with a thicker undertread, stronger working plies, and stronger protection plies of up to 60%.  Lastly, the 59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 are environmentally-friendly, free of aromatic oils.  They are lighter in weight when compared to competitors and the reparability and retreadability are better due to the Michelin casing.

Michelin XDR2 available sizes:

27.00R49 – 33.00R51 – 37.00R57 – 40.00R57 – 53/80R63 – 56/80R63 – 59/80R63

Contact OTR Tires for our daily special – (6) 59/80R63 Michelin XDR2 for $69,000 each.