The 65/40x39 Firestone SDT LD L5 offers extreme durability.

Looking to maximize the efficiency of your loader while increasing performance? Contact OTR Tires for this exclusive offer.  We have (4) 65/40x39 Firestone SDT LD L5 in stock for $14,000 each.  These bias off-the-road tires offer a super deep tread made to conquer extremely rocky terrain.

The 65/40x39 Firestone SDT LD L5 features a 250% deeper tread than L3. This allows for a greater casing protection as well as an extended service life.  The heavy duty non-directional rock service tread design leads to exceptional off-road traction.  The 65/40x39 Firestone SDT LD L5 tires will fit loader application such as the Cat 990.  These durable tires can move a standard payload of up to 38.0 tons and will ensure enhanced performance and productivity on the job site.

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Available sizes:

20.5x25, 23.5x25, 26.5x25, 29.5x25, 29.5x29, 65/35x33, 41.25/70x39, 65/40x39, and 63.5/85x57.

**Certain sizes available with steel shield construction for added cut and impact protection.

The 65/40x39 Firestone SDT LD L5 could be the tire for you, whether you are in a quarry, construction field, or mine site. Contact OTR Tires for your quote today – (4) 65/40x39 Firestone SDT LD L5 for only $14,000 each.