The 50/65R51 Michelin XMINE D2 is used for extreme loading conditions requiring a significant amount of protection.

These radial tires are ideal for larger loader applications, such as the Cat 993.  The 50/65R51 Michelin XMINE D2 will produce maximum efficiency whether you are in the waste and recycling management industry, the demolition field, or extracting from a quarry or mine face.  Contact OTR Tires and find out how these off-the-road tires can be beneficial for you and your company.  We currently have (4) 50/65R51 Michelin XMINE D2 for sale at $35,000 each.

The 50/65R51 Michelin XMINE D2 offers ultimate stability and strength is the worst of conditions.  The substantial crown and robust shoulders supported by a protection band leads to a high resistance to shock ruptures, cuts, and tread tearing.  Backed with a particularly resilient casing with the addition of specific steel belts creates the acute resistance to punctures.  The 50/65R51 Michelin XMINE D2 features a massive tread that works perfectly to produce a good compromise between traction, adhesion, and damage resistance.

Michelin XMINE D2 available sizes:

Features of the Michelin XMINE D2:

  • Extended tire life
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved traction on all surfaces
  • Superior comfort
  • Heightened resistance to punctures and flats
  • Elevated heat resistance

If you are looking to maximize the efficiency of your loader, the 50/65R51 Michelin XMINE D2 is the tire for you!  Contact OTR Tires for your quote.  In stock: (4) 50/65R51 Michelin XMINE D2 for $35,000 each.