The 45/65R45 Bridgestone VSDL offers excellent stability and features tread compounds for severe loader applications.

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Tread PatternVSDL
TRA CodeL5
Star Rating2*
Diameter2730 mm
Width1123 mm
Weight5340 lbs.


The 45/65R45 Bridgestone VSDL features an extra-deep tread and shoulder protection that holds a high resistance to cuts and impacts. It offers exceptional traction in severe surroundings.  This V-Steel D-Lug radial was designed for loader applications requiring extra heavy duty loader performance.  The 45/65R45 Bridgestone VSDL is ideal for loaders such as the Cat 992 or the Komatsu WA900-3.


Bridgestone offers a variety of sizes in the VSDL tread pattern…

 SizePly/Star RatingCompoundTRA Code
Small Tubeless15.5R251*D2AL-5
23.5R251* / 2*D2AL-5
Large Tubeless26.5R251* / 2*D2AL-5
29.5R251* / 2*D2AL-5
29.5R291* / 2*D2AL-5
35/65R331* / 2*D2AL-5
45/65R391*D2A / D2A LSL-5
Giant Tubeless45/65R452*D2A DAL / D2A LACL-5


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