The 29.5R25 Michelin XMINE D2 offers excellent traction and adhesion.

This radial tire is a powerhouse in environments ranging from industrial handling, demolition, management of waste and recycling, to extraction from a mine face and/or quarries.  These wheel loader tires are ideal for applications such as the Cat 980.  Contact OTR Tires for more information on our daily special: (8) 29.5R25 Michelin XMINE D2 for just $7,900 each.

What can the 29.5R25 Michelin XMINE D2 offer me?

  • Remarkably tough – The crown and shoulders are reinforced with a unique protection band that results in a high resistance to shock ruptures, cuts, and tearing. A particularly strong casing with multiple specific steel belts constitutes the strength and resistance to punctures.
  • Outstanding traction and adhesion – The wide and aggressive tread produces great compromise between damage resistance, traction, and adhesion.

What are the benefits of using the 29.5R25 Michelin XMINE D2?

  • Extended tire life
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Enhanced traction on any surface
  • Increased resistance to punctures and flats
  • Better heat resistance
  • Greater comfort

What sizes are available in the Michelin XMINE D2?



The Michelin XMINE D2 offers maximum repairability and retreadability thanks to its extreme reliability of the casing. Contact OTR Tires for more information on this special sale.  The 29.5R25 Michelin XMINE D2 can be efficient in many work sites, and could be the tire for you!  We currently have (8) 29.5R25 Michelin XMINE D2 on sale for the low price of $7,900 each.