The Bridgestone 37.00R57 VRLS E4, V-Steel R Lug S, is made to increase productivity and haulage performance on gravel, rock, and packed earth. This radial off the road tire comes in many sizes: 14.00R25, 16.00R25, 24.00R35, 24.00R49, 27.00R49, 33.00R51, 36.00R51, and 37.00R57.

The Bridgestone VRLS E4 features a deep non-directional rock service tread pattern. Its unique compounds provide excellent wear and cut resistance as well as high resistance to chipping.  The rock-deep tread and sidewall gives way to extreme protection against the harsh working environment.  The Bridgestone 37.00R57 VRLS E4 can be used on a Cat 789 and can stand up to 200 tons in payload weight.  The Bridgestone VRLS E4 is most efficient in quarry, coal, and mining sectors.

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