The 60/80R57 Michelin XMINE D2 is robust in severe terrain and guarantees great compromise of traction and adhesion.

The 60/80R57 Michelin XMINE D2 can defeat vigorous conditions while maximizing efficiency when carrying out everyday tasks on the job site.  This earthmoving tire was built for the largest wheel loader made, the Cat 994.  These massive off-the-road tires can weather up to a 38.0-ton standard payload weight.  Contact OTR Tires for this exclusive feature: 4 – 60/80R57 Michelin XMINE D2 for $72,000 each.

What makes the 60/80R57 Michelin XMINE D2 stand out?

  • Phenomenally robust in harsh and rigid conditions: A substantial crown and robust shoulders reinforced with a protection band enables the high resistance to shock ruptures, cuts, and tread tearing. The casing, in addition to the steel belts, also contribute to the exceptional cut resistance.
  • Outstanding compromise of adhesion and traction: The tread performs perfectly to produce a good compromise between traction, adhesion, and damage resistance.

The 60/80R57 Michelin XMINE D2 is a L5R tire that offers the following benefits:

  • Longer tire life
  • Improved traction on all surfaces
  • Minimize fuel consumption
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Increased resistance to wear and tear
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Enhanced repairability and retreadability

Contact OTR Tires for more information on our exclusive offer: 4 – 60/80R57 Michelin XMINE D2 for $72,000 each.