The 37.00R57 Michelin XDR2 features better reparability and retreadability.

The Michelin XDR2 has surpassed its predecessor, the Michelin XDR, and was named the “market benchmark” for a reason. Numerous improvements were made and now the Michelin XDR2 is known as the reference for rigid dump trucks.  The Michelin XDR2 has shown significant improvements in mining use, as it’s more than capable of transferring heavy loads and making it through intense work schedules. The 37.00R57 Michelin XDR2 will fit applications such as the Cat 789 and can haul 200 tons of material.     Contact OTR Tires for this incredible offer: 6 – 37.00R57 Michelin XDR2 for the price of $29,000 each.

When compared to the Michelin XDR, the Michelin XDR2 features:

  • An increased tread volume of up to 20%.
  • Cool running tread rubber compound
  • New optimized design with cooling vents
  • Self-cleaning tread pattern
  • 13% larger central lug
  • Unique manufacturing process that allows for curing of the bead area
  • Enhanced sidewall design
  • C2 technology

Available Michelin XDR2 sizes:

  • 27.00R49
  • 33.00R51
  • 37.00R57
  • 40.00R57
  • 53/80R63
  • 56/80R63
  • 59/80R63

The 37.00R57 Michelin XDR2 features new compounds and offers remarkable resistance to cuts and aggressions with stronger working plies and up to 60% stronger protection plies. This radial tire is free of aromatic oils and was designed to be environmentally safe, in turn making it a longer lasting tire.  It’s lighter in weight and presents better reparability and retreadability.

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Contact OTR Tires today!! We are offering 6 – 37.00R57 Michelin XDR2 for the price of $29,000 each.