The 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ haulage tire was designed for toughness!

Goodyear offers a wide range of radial tires to assist you with getting the job done. The Goodyear RM4A+ is a radial off-the-road tire built for toughness.  This haulage tire will increase your productivity as well as reduce operational costs.  Contact OTR Tires and give us the opportunity to help your business be more efficient.  We have for sale: 6 – 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ for $19,000 each.

The Goodyear RM4A+ features:

Star rating: 2*

TRA code: E-4+

Compound: 4SL

Overall Diameter: 140.8

Overall width: 46.2

Weight: 8250

What can the 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ do for my business you ask…….

The sidewall scallop reduces the temperature buildup, granting an overall improved performance. The extra deep tread gives a much longer tread life.  The high angle/non-directional tread pattern provides efficiency, allowing for both forward and backward traction.  The 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ has a high net-to-gross tread pattern, which places more wearable tread on the ground.  The interlocking stability blading yields improved footprint support as well as additional heat relief.

What equipment will the 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ fit?

The 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ radial tires will fit haulage applications, such as the Cat 793.

What available sizes are offered?







These next generation haulage tires were designed to overcome relentless operating conditions. The 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ includes thick sidewall and undertread to resist puncture damage and a casing made up of tough nylon to help wear better and last longer.  This off-the-road tire can withstand extreme conditions and could be perfect for you!  Contact sales@otrtires.com for more information on this exclusive sale.  6 – 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ for only $19,000 each.