Designed to move through mud and debris, the 40.5/70R39 Bridgestone VLT could be the tire for you!

Are you looking for:

  • A strong, durable tire ideal for muddy and wet conditions?
  • An off-the-road tire that supports maximum traction on soft terrain?
  • An affordable, long-lasting OTR tire?

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The Bridgestone VLT can get you where you are going, even is sticky situations! These V-Steel L-Traction radial tires are built to maneuver through the thickest mud and debris.  The unique tread is designed for articulated dump trucks, and can also be used on certain loader and scraper applications.  Contact OTR Tires for this exclusive sales price.  We currently have 12 – 40.5/70R39 Bridgestone VLT in stock at $13,500 each.

The 40.5/70R39 Bridgestone VLT features a self-cleaning lug design that gives way to contraction and expansion causing the removal of mud, dirt, and debris automatically. The vast grooves support maximum traction and the center-block lug design contributes to ease of maneuverability.  These V-Steel L-Traction off-the-road tires were specifically made for earthmover and front-end loaders performing on muddy terrain.  The Bridgestone VLT is offered in the following sizes: 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25, 750/65R25, 33.25R29, 37.25R35, 40.5/75R39, and 40.5/75R391.

The 40.5/70R39 Bridgestone VLT is dependable, durable, and offers a long tread life. They are built to grip the earth and deliver top performance.  Contact for more information!!  We have 12 – 40.5/70R39 Bridgestone VLT for $13,500 each.