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Did you know….

  • The 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2 is more than 13 feet tall?
  • The 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2 weighs in at approximately 11,860 pounds?
  • The 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2 is capable to handling loads up to 100 tons per tire?
  • The 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2 contains nearly 2000 pounds of steel?
  • The 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2 can be used on applications such as the Cat 793?

The 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2 offers the following:

  • Additional tread volume, innovative cooling system, and new tread pattern with full depth tread blocks
  • C2 Technology, improved sidewall, and stronger bead
  • Thicker under-tread, stronger working plies and protection plies
  • Fewer raw materials, friendly on the environment, and cleaner manufacturing process

Benefits of the 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2:

  • A longer lasting tire
  • Extreme resistance to cuts and aggressions
  • Enhanced environmentally sustainability

Available Michelin XDR2 sizes:

SizeTRA CodeTubelessResistance Rating


Contact OTR Tires for this limited time offer! (6) 53/80R63 Michelin XDR2 for $45,000 each.