The 35/65x33 Firestone SRG DT LD L4 will prevail against rocky conditions!

The 35/65x33 Firestone SRG DT LD L4 is a bias tire with a tread deep enough to conquer terrains filled with heavy rock and debris. These heavy duty off-the-road tires are made for rock loader applications, such as the Cat 988 and the Komatsu WA600-6.  Generating optimal rock loader performance, these tires could be for you.  Contact OTR Tires for more information on this featured item.  We currently have 12 – 35/65x33 Firestone SRG DT LD L4 on sale for the low price of $5,500 each.  Hurry!!  These won’t last long….

Specialized features:

  • Extra heavy duty non-directional rock service design
  • Excellent tread cleaning design
  • Superior off-road traction

Firestone SRG DT LD L4 available sizes:

Small Tubeless: 23.5x25

Large Tubeless: 26.5x25, 29.5x25, 29.5x29, and 65/35x33

Giant Tubeless: 49.5x57, 50/80x57, 58/85x57, and 70/70x57

**Certain sizes available for use under chains in load/carry applications**

The 35/65x33 Firestone SRG DT LD L4 makes for the perfect tire in rock-ribbed conditions with a combination of its heavy duty rock service design, premium traction, and high resistance. Contact OTR Tires – (12) 35/65x33 Firestone SRG DT LD L4 for $5,500 each.  Act fast, get these tires now!