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In the mining industry, there is never time for downtime, which is why Titan’s ultimate goal is to keep your equipment moving, no matter the conditions. Titan produces an extensive selection of mining tires in a variety of sizes and tread designs, all engineered with downtime-reducing compounds. With the ability to minimize wear and optimize equipment performance, Titan mining tires are assets to nearly any mining equipment, from haul trucks and loaders to dump trucks. That is why our team at proudly distributes Titan mining tires to enhance the functioning of your mining machinery and keep your equipment running. Our services grant our customers the ability to buy or sell a vast selection of mining tires.

What are the Benefits of Titan Mining Tires?

While all of Titan’s mining tires offer countless, unique benefits, Titan’s ultimate mission is to equip their mining tires with the ability to minimize wear, enhance machinery performance, and decrease downtime. As a result, these are some of the main benefits of all Titan mining tires. Titan accomplishes this goal with their downtime-reducing exclusive compounds, which are specifically designed for particular mining conditions, and continuous innovation. The company works with OEMs to regularly produce high-quality, reliable tires that are more productive than competitors, even in harsh mine conditions. Ultimately, Titan offers a full line of both bias and radial tires to streamline mining processes and increase productivity. These tires include the following benefits, along with others depending on the specific tire: Bias tires:

  • Increased vehicle stability
  • Greater cut resistance on sidewall
  • Improved self-cleaning tread
  • Excellent traction and stability
  • Extended tire and tread life

Radial tires:

  • Excellent tread wear
  • Extended tire and tread life
  • Superior long-distance abilities
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Excellent traction and stability

Why Titan?

Titan has been a prominent supplier of superior mining tires for almost a century, which is why they have become a trusted, exceptional brand. With their abundance of specialized products that guarantee enhanced productivity and machinery performance, it is no surprise that Titan has become the third largest manufacturer of off-the-road tires in North America. From agricultural to construction industries, Titan’s equipment is thoroughly tested and refined to supply optimal return on investment, while also ensuring enhanced machinery capabilities. With Titan mining tires, you are sure to receive the utmost level of durability, reliability, and exceptionally to always keep you moving.

Buy Your Titan Mining Tires Now!

Our team at can not only assist you in deciding which Titan mining tire is most suitable for your needs, but also help you to acquire that specific tire. Either via our tire procurement services, which operate through our extensive network, or via one of our various tire yards, you can purchase your Titan mining tires online today. Place your order now by calling our team at 1-888-208-TIRE(8473), or by completing our online contact form below.

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