Michelin understands that mining machinery undergoes the most extreme working conditions in underground mines. Fallen debris, extreme heat, heavy load demands, and other obstacles make navigating around a mine, as well as extracting valuable materials, difficult. That is why Michelin has been dedicated to supplying mines with tires that resolve such issues and optimize mining processes. Michelin mining tires excel in tough conditions and offer unsurpassed reliability. Our team at OTRTires.com proudly offers Michelin mining tires to assist in advancing the capabilities of all mining machinery. With our services, you can buy Michelin mining tires, or sell them today.

What are the Benefits of Michelin Mining Tires?

Michelin Mining Tires for Sale at OTR TiresMichelin mining tires specifically cater to the demands of underground mining and offer benefits that streamline mining processes. Michelin has designed their tires to be exceptionally reliable while simultaneously increasing productivity and efficiency. With their innovative technology and ability to resist demanding environments while easily handling strenuous loads, Michelin mining tires are assets to any mining operation. Michelin’s has equipped their tires with several benefits, including the following and more:

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Greater resistance to cuts and stress
  • Greater load capabilities
  • Exceptionally robust in massacre conditions
  • Excellent tread tearing resistance
  • Excellent defense against shock ruptures
  • Simplified maintenance

Why Michelin?

Michelin is a major supplier for some of the largest underground coal mines in North America. So, it is no surprise that they have been manufacturing their tires to be equipped to thrive in any situation since 1889. Michelin takes pride in offering “total performance” tires that are manufactured with all aspects taken into consideration, while always researching to further advance their products. Ultimately, they seek to understand the tire needs and demands of tires both on and off-the-road and supply innovative solutions. For exceptional, reliable solutions to accommodate your mining machinery, consider Michelin mining tires for optimizing and advancing your mining processes.

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Our team at OTRTires.com can supply you with any Michelin mining tire you may need in the most timely and affordable manner possible. Either via our tire procurement services or through one of our various tire yards, you will receive the perfect Michelin mining tire with the specific benefits you desire. We can also assist you in discovering which Michelin tire would best accommodate you. Call our experienced team now at 1-888-208-8473 to buy your Michelin mining tires, or fill out our online contact form below.

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