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Since the debut of Firestone in 1900, when Harvey Firestone founded the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in Ohio, they have manufactured revolutionary tires that go above and beyond industry expectations. That is why Firestone mining tires are exceptional solutions to enhancing the functioning and productivity of a variety of mining machinery, from heavy loaders to earthmovers. Here at, we proudly offer Firestone mining tires to aid in furthering your mining capabilities. Our services allow you to buy new or used mining tires, or sell your own.

What are the Benefits of Firestone Mining Tires?

All Firestone mining tires offer an impressive list of benefits and flawlessly function in the harshest of conditions. Firestone manufactures their tires to be exceptionally dependable, durable, and versatile, which results in increased productivity and an extended tire life, among several other perks. Firestone also utilizes Bridgestone’s unique technology to further advance the capabilities of their mining tires. Firestone mining tires are equipped with both Treadstat™ and B-TAG to offer real time monitoring of the tires temperature, pressure, status, and performance. This innovative technology prevents issues before they happen and allows the user to track the tire’s lifespan. Firestone offers a diverse selection of mining tires which all feature several benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Extended wear life
  • Superior traction
  • Extended tire lifespan
  • Treadstat™
  • Bridgestone Intelligent Tag (B-TAG)
  • Exceptional cut and impact protection
  • Self-cleaning directional tread design
  • Optimized sidewall protection

Why Firestone?

Firestone has been a prominent supplier of mining tires for years and has been dedicated to providing off-the-road tires for all industries that are stronger, faster, and more productive. With their ultimate mission of providing consumers with quality, reliability, and exceptional service, Firestone’s tires are engineered with innovation, product design, and material selection as the prime considerations, making all of their tires, both on and off-the-road, incredible products. Their thorough testing procedures further ensure that consumers receive superior tires that are built to last. Ultimately, Firestone has continuously supplied a wide range of industries with phenomenal tires that meet and exceed expectations for several years, meaning your Firestone mining tires will surely get the job done.

Buy Your Firestone Mining Tires Today!

At, we have a wide selection of Firestone mining tires for sale. Whatever tread pattern, size, or specific benefits you need, our team can provide the perfect tire that fulfills your needs. We can do this either through our tire procurement services that operates through our extensive network or through our various tire yards, which has a huge selection of tires on-site. Call us today for any questions you may have, to check for tire availability, or to purchase your Firestone mining tires at 1-888-208-8473 or fill out our online contact form below.

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