The mining industry covers both underground mining and surface mining and requires heavy mining equipment specific to the mining processes. At, we carry top brands of mining tires, including Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Titan, and Yokohama.

Bridgestone Mining Tires

Bridgestone’s off-the-road commercial tires provide mining solutions to get the job done even on the roughest terrain and harshest of conditions. Mining tires have sensors that deliver real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature called Bridgestone Intelligent Tag (B-TAG) which allows for improved production and efficiency.

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Mining Tires for SaleFirestone Mining Tires

Firestone designs tires for numerous mining applications with a list of features including long wear life and performance, superior solid traction and durability, and exceptional flotation in soft soil or mud environments. Mining tires by Firestone are built to be hard-working whether the work site is above or below ground.

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Michelin Mining Tires

Michelin designs professional tires for heavy machinery and equipment used for surface and underground mining which must withstand tough conditions such as sharp rocks and surfaces, water-stressed areas, and complex operations. Finding the right tires by Michelin will give mining machinery greater mobility which increases productivity and reduces downtime onsite.

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Goodyear Mining Tires

From surface and underground mines to quarries, construction sites, and ports, Goodyear offers a great selection of mining tires for a wide variety of applications. Specific to surface mining, Goodyear makes tough, cool-running tires for ultra-large loaders, haul trucks, and other vehicles. And for tough underground mining needs, Goodyear produces hard-working, high-traction tires for severe-surface underground applications.

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Titan Mining Tires

Titan’s heavy-duty tires for mining operations are engineered, tested, and manufactured for high durability and long-lasting reliability. is a Titan dealer who offers a full line of both bias and radial tires specific to getting the job done and keeping mining equipment moving.

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Yokohama Mining Tires

Yokohama manufactures durable off-the-road tires that offer substantial support for large-scale machinery commonly used at mining sites such as dump trucks, scrapers, loaders, and dozers. Whether mining projects are above ground or below ground, can match tires to mining machinery applications with the optimum tread thickness for earth and gravel excavation.

Types of Mining Equipment our OTR Tires work with:

Mining equipment is expected to operate efficiently in the harshest of conditions and choosing the optimal brand of tires is key for job performance and execution. can outfit vehicles and equipment with specialized tires for above ground and below surface mining since operating conditions and tire needs vary between the two types.

Here are common types of standard equipment used at demolition sites, quarries, and mines:

  • Bulldozers
  • Earthmovers
  • Excavators
  • Haul Trucks
  • Loaders
  • Mining Drills
  • Power Shovels

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If you’re needing to explore the availability of different brands of tires before buying mining tires, know that offers procurement services. By tapping a global network of shops, manufacturers, and distributors, can find what you’re looking for and is one of the largest OTR tire suppliers in the world.

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