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mine pro OTR Tires

Mine Pro Tires proudly offers MinePro OTR tires to help streamline your mining processes. MinePro is a leading tire provider throughout the world that produces OTR tires found in mines in over 18 different countries, such as Greece and Argentina.

Why Choose Mine Pro OTR Tires?

As one of the top providers of mining tires in the nation, MinePro is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality tires for mining companies, which is why they can be found in some of the world’s largest mines.


MinePro uses best in class raw materials to produce all OTR tires. These materials result in stronger, more durable, and longer lasting tires. MinePro uses materials like:
  • Highest grade natural rubber from Thailand
  • Steel reinforcement cord from Bekaert brand steel cord
  • Synthetic rubber from BIC suppliers
  • Carbon Black from global suppliers including Cabot
  • Chemical additives from Industry Leaders such as Flexsys and Eastman


MinePro works with manufacturing facilities in Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam to ensure the production of tires with world class value. All OTR tires are produced with leading surveillance protocols, standout testing procedures, and thorough monitoring from start to finish to ensure unparalleled OTR tires specifically designed to optimize mining processes. MinePro manages and oversees all aspects of the tire production to develop specialized OTR tires.


Using their renowned MinePro technology, MinePro continuously aims to improve tire performance and make mining processes as easy and efficient as possible. As a result, MinePro constantly evaluates their OTR tires to eliminate premature removal while developing more advanced evolutionary product design principles. MinePro collaborates with experts across the country in several facilities around the world to create tires that are stronger, faster, and ultimately better overall. Their mission is to continuously strive towards innovation while providing exceptional solutions for mining issues and setbacks.

Mine Pro OTR Tires

Mine Pro offers a variety of OTR tires which dramatically assist in reducing the hassle of mining processes. Some of their tires include:
  • MP 4121. High traction, non-directional tread design provides ground biting edges for maximum traction. Center inter-locking technology for increased longevity. Open shoulder for optimal traction.
  • MP 4122. Innovative tread design engineered with a non-directional and inter-locking pattern for longevity and even wear. Outer shoulder block design for cooler running applications.
  • LD 520. 20/20 tread design for optimal traction. Impact resistant reinforced sidewall. High cut rubber compound for rock protection, stability, and longer tread life.
  • LCE 3. High tensile steel belt package. Solid center diagonal blocking for longevity. Shoulder stone protection for rough conditions.
  • MinePro Cut Resistant LTR. Custom engineered cut compounding to increase longevity. Interlocking segmented blocking for noise reduction and extra traction. Saw-tooth multiangled sipes for all-season traction and on and off-road use.

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