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maxam otr tires is proud to offer Maxam OTR tries to fulfill your agricultural, construction, and industrial needs. Maxam tires offer a wide variety of benefits, which is why they are considered to be some of the best.

Why Choose Maxam Off-the-Road (OTR) Tires

Maxam OTR tires are all produced in state-of-the-art facilities using the most advanced production and manufacturing techniques. With innovation at the forefront of their mission, Maxam has been working for years to create the sturdiest, most effective tires possible. Maxam OTR tires are created with optimal functioning, safety, reliability, affordability, and environmental friendliness as the ultimate goal, which is why special attention is paid to every aspect of the manufacturing process. With specialized testing equipment and laboratories, Maxam’s OTR tires are thoroughly tested to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Some examples of Maxam OTR Tires include:

  • MSV01; For cranes operating in highway and off-the-road applications
  • MS202; For loaders, graders, telehandlers, and articulated dump trucks operating in soft underfoot conditions.
  • MS203; For graders, loaders, and earthmovers. Non-directional pattern designed to maximize traction in soft underfoot conditions.
  • Maxam Industrial Tires

    For any industry to maintain optimal functioning, all assets must be working as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is no exception for the industrial tires that help power different machines. Maxam provides a variety of high-quality OTR tires, such as:

  • MS601 TR; For forklifts. Features premium natural rubber compounds, low rolling resistance, chunk resistant with heat dissipating core, wide footprint for maximum grip and lifting stability and more.
  • MS702 SM; For industrial and GSE trailers, skid steer loaders, access lifts, GSE tractors, and forklifts. Features premium 2-stage solid resilient tire, natural rubber compounds, cut and tear resistant tread, chunk resistant, excellent stability, and more.
  • Maxam Construction Tires

    No construction equipment is complete without construction tires. Construction tires can either increase or decrease the productivity of any construction machinery, which is why it is important to use reliable and effective construction tires. Maxam has been a trusted supplier of construction tires for years, as they offer products like the following:

  • MS901; For wheel excavators, telescopic handlers, and backhoe loaders. Features wide tread designs for increased flotation, wear and cut resistant compounds, a deep undertread for improved puncture resistance, and more.
  • MS905; For graders. Features optimized tread design with self-cleaning mud breakers, center tie bar for reduced vibration during over-the-road driving, deep undertread for improved puncture resistance, and more.
  • MS909; For wheel excavators, access lifts, telescopic handlers, and multipurpose trucks. Features wide, open tread design for maximum flotation and traction on soft terrain; reinforced sidewall for high stability and cut resistance; cut and wear resistant tread compounds; and more.
  • Maxam Agricultural Tires

    In the agricultural industry, having the right set of tires can streamline farming and agricultural processes, as well as increase the outcomes. Maxam provides a large supply of agricultural tires which all offer a unique set of benefits. Some of these tires include:

  • MS951R; For industrial tractors. Features a self-cleaning tread design, wide tread for maximized performance in the field, low pressure disturbance, premium rubber compounds for reduced ozone cracking and weathering, and more.
  • MS965; For industrial tractors. Features extra wide tread design for maximum flotation, deep undertread, reinforced shoulder for improved stubble resistance, low rolling resistance, and more.
  • MS966; For industrial tractors. Features deep tread for long tread life, special cut resistant compound for improved wear and reduced chunking, extra wide tread design for maximum flotation, and more.
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