Euro-Tire OTR Tires proudly carries Euro-Tire OTR tires for mining vehicles. Founded in 2002, Euro-Tire is an emerging brand that is steadily making its mark in the OTR tire industry. The company is dedicated to the mining industry and committed to manufacturing quality tires for a variety of mining vehicles. Euro-Tire proudly serves small start-up mining operations along with established companies.

Why Choose Euro-Tire Off-the-Road (OTR) Tires?

Euro-Tire goes above and beyond when it comes to customer care. Euro-Tire offers a support program called EuroCare, so you can focus on your mining project without worrying about the integrity of the tires on your vehicles. The EuroCare support package includes:

  • EuroTrak – EuroTrak is a special software component that allows users to capture data on your mining projects, including inventory and performance indicators.
  • EuroTools – OTR tires must be properly maintained for top performance. EuroTools provides everything you need to do this including valve caps, telemetry systems, and tire pressure monitoring systems. It even includes tire repair workshops for those that are new to OTR tires.
  • EuroService – Euro-Tire provides risk analysis and usage reports on conditions that could potentially impact tire performance. This information can give insight on how certain mining projects might impact the tires so you can prepare accordingly.
  • EuroClass – EuroClass provides on-site, customized training for crews working with vehicles that have Euro-Tire OTR tires.

Euro-Tire OTR Tires for Mining Vehicles

Mining operations are complex and demanding. Your team needs specialized, durable OTR tires that are dependable and easy to maintain. Euro-Tire produces bias ply tires and all-steel radial OTR tires at its manufacturing facilities in Ukraine and Romania. Euro-Tire produces tires for haul trucks, loaders, and specialized mining vehicles. Here are a few tires that can import for you:

  • Wheel Loader, 35/65-30 U-54 PR30 L5
  • Articulated Truck, 29.5R25 ETRAC WL
  • Rigid Dump Truck, 24.00-35 PR48 E4
  • Wheeled Dozer, 35/65-30 U-54 PR30 L5

Euro-Tire OTR Tires for all Your OTR Needs

At, we do our best to procure top-of-line tires for mining vehicles. Euro-Tire is a true partner of the mining industry. They show their commitment with the EuroCare program. If you need more information or can’t find the tire you are looking for, call our tire experts at 1-888-208-TIRE(8473) or complete our online form below. Let us find the high-performance OTR tire you need to get the job done right.

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