In 1932, Harvey Firestone, a fourth-generation farmer himself, created the first farm tire, which quickly began to replace farming wheels across the nation. Since then, Firestone has become the #1 farm tire brand on the market. Firestone is fully committed to creating an agricultural tire solution for all challenges in the farming industry, and to making agricultural labor as simple as possible. With their Firestone Farm Tire Test Center that conducts rigorous research and brings complex innovations and ideas to life, Firestone agricultural tires offer effective and superior solutions to the agricultural industry.

What are the Benefits of Firestone Agricultural Tires?

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Firestone agricultural tires are designed to flawlessly adapt to the varying needs of farming demands and accommodate the ever-changing soil conditions, while also providing a stable and durable agricultural tire for tractors, sprayers, and much more. This is especially possible with Firestone’s Advanced Deflection (AD2) technology. Since optimal functioning of a tire often relies on its tire pressure, Firestone created AD2 to allow you to adjust the tire pressure of certain tires depending on the circumstance. Overall, Firestone’s agricultural tires present the following benefits, along with a host of others:

  • Non-skid tires
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Firestone Advanced Deflection (AD2) technology to adjust tire pressure
  • Increased tire footprint for lower soil compaction
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Increased traction for smoother ride
  • Exceptional warranty availability
  • Engineered from rubber compounds for durability
  • Optimized sidewall protection
  • Specialized tread design for self-cleaning
  • Exceptional heavy load capabilities

Why Firestone?

Firestone has been committed to diligently serving the agricultural tire industry for years and has been recognized as a trusted supplier of agricultural tires for nearly a century. With their persistent dedication to the advancement of agricultural tires and years of experience manufacturing them, this is no surprise. Firestone offers numerous different tires with varying sizes and tread patterns, that are all designed to streamline agricultural processes.

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