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14x17.5 Firestone Duraforce ND

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Product Details

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Firestone
  • Size: 14x17.5
  • Tread Pattern/Type: Duraforce ND
  • Tread Pattern Long: Duraforce Non-Directional
  • Industry Code/TRA: NHS
  • Ply Rating/Star Rating: 14
  • Average Weight (KG): 57
  • Article #: 361674
  • Average Weight (LBS): 126
  • Bar Height (1/32 INCH): 24/.075

14x17.5 Firestone Duraforce ND

Short Description: 14x17.5 Firestone Duraforce ND
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Description: Premium design for improved traction and higher productivity.

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